In bound rockets F-4’s taking off

This little story has been knocking around in my head for about 40 years. True events was remind of this by a Poem called Lit from _Monocle_ at. He generously allowed me to try my hand at a different point of view. So here is a poor piece of work.

Rockets coming in
Yellow trails into the night
Lost in the clouds in flight
You scream over the net
Sirens wailing the warning
Up Up and Up they go
F-4’s Roaring down the Runway

The rockets impact
Flares up

F-4’s lift off into the air
avoiding your flares
into the clouds on pink tails of hot spiraling light
Glowing kerosene smell in the air
warmth from the engines
warm first time this night
You sight in on the launch site
You have permission you fire
You can’t reach them cause they are long gone
You feel better
Quickie team responds
fires 90 lighting up the world with its light

and so it goes

F-4 Phantom Night Preparation

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Side Walk Cafe

If perchance you see a diminutive lady sitting at a Cafe
Do not go up to her and tell her you are a writer.
For she wishes to be left alone to enjoy the sun
For if you Pull out your Mont Blanc
Your day will be done
For in your eye it will reside
Never to write again

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