Song titles (WIP)

Yes I am starting another work in Progress. Seems if I don’t [ put a title here I will never do anything about developing my mediocre skills s a writer.

After checking with my two guides I decided on doing a little exercise. The rules of the exercise are simple Take the titles of songs from one artist and try to turn them into sentences then paragraphs then stories. You must be also be able to identify the albums or CD’s they are from They do not have to originals, which means they can be covers.

A sample

When I was young I met a factory girl on tobacco road. ( Note there are three song titles in that sentence)

In my secret life little Queenie is a beautiful new born child.

For Miss Caulker (Roberta) we gotta get out of this place.

The girl can’t help she loves the club a go-go and I’m crying.

I turned forty four inside looking out sending a letter from the county farm

1987 Sitting in the Monterey fair grounds, not dreaming of San Francisco Nights, but of the man who created Little Wing.

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  1. I love it to bitty- bits. Do more, more, more. Pretty Please. Its evocative, witty & you get the new pictures & the memories from the songs themselves – all pick ‘n’ mixed.

  2. Very nice! Oh how I miss the days (nights) of musical banter between us

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