Things I saw before I was 20 (WIP)

AT 14 looked into the heart of a nuclear reactor. two buildings down saw the first heat resistant shields for Apollo and the Voice of Hal 9000 All within 3 hours

AT 12 I ask a rep of Kellogg how two small steel cylinders could make 14 tons of pressure. Battlecreek was not known for it physics students.

At 7 saw a Cow give birth thought there was something wrong ran to tell my Mom and when we got back there was a new calf there.

At 5 tried to lose my brother and at eight put a horseshoe in his head after he did the same to me

At 18 Pissed under Marine one as it was flying over

On 19th Birthday Watched the 82nd Airborne Fly into DC. Wondered why they didn’t use latrines Understood latter there weren’t any. Piss poor playing prevents proper execution

Saw Air America Flights land at Andrews Air Force Base Once a week when 18 and 19

At 19 saw my first third world country no not France Viet Nam. What I remember most the stink the lush green vegetation and the Flares hanging in the sky.

At 14 saw my first M-60 Machine Gun

At 19 fired my first M-60 Machine Gun We had rhythm

At 14 Saw my first teletype machine read the news straight off the wire.

At 14 drove a remote controlled Bull Dozer and saw a Video phone

AT 18 saw the stair way to heaven but felt my first one at 16

At 19 threw my first Hand grenade scared me they still scare me today.

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