22 April 1970 1st earth day

The day I died for the first time.  Climbed on a bird and flew to Nam.  Smelt the Rice paddies and saw the flares and heard the artillery for the first time.  What a way to die.  The little boy was dead and I still don’t know what  replaced it.  No Point Du Huc speeches about me and the 250 that were with me. Hated rice and Chop Suey for years and came to hate peaches even more.   Just remember this  “ I guess we all died a little in that damn war.” Josie Wales

Yes, we did and some of us never made it back.  I did and I didn’t, so that is why I am who I am today.  Take it or leave cause I have been left by to many and wish others hadn’t come in their place.

Darkness was my friend then and still is.  More questions than answers and more bodies than I care to see.

Best minds destroyed cause the weak willed ran and hid and became politicians and presidents.  Best minds destroyed by cheap heroin and strange diseases and cheap booze and cheaper ammunition.  Best minds destroyed by sights that no one should see.  Beside minds destroyed because their body was taken from them and not their mind.

Minds destroyed because Johnny got his gun and knew how to use it.

Bitter yes and mad still.  Some call it PTSD others battle fatigue.  Me, I think of it as death.

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